cot bed mattress topper dunelm Cot bed mattress topper dunelm

We've decided to get him a toddler bed so he feels a bit more secure than in a single and because he can have a Thomas one which we are hoping he will be more inclined to stay in! I'm not sure what bedding to use.

cot bed duvet tog guide

What did other people do? He doesn't have a pillow in his cot. If he has a pillow can he just have a normal pillow or does it need to be a special toddler one? And if I get him a duvet what kind of tog rating would I be looking for? I thought I might just get a single duvet even though it will be a bit big as although I can find smaller duvets I can't find bedding for them.

I was so upset and shocked. I simply can't imagine when it will end. What a waste of money that was!

As for bedding, as it's a standard single he's just got normal sheets. I have also got him the in the night garden duvet set, a 4. Nothing designed for toddlers really, apart from the bed being low: However, the cost is slightly insane for specialised sizes so when we've bought more bedding we bought normal single duvets.

We just tuck the bottom end of the duvet under the mattress which helps prevent it wandering all over the bed when they fidget. We bought toddler pillows when they turned 1, mostly to provide support when they choose to sleep on their sides.

They went very flat very quickly so we replaced those with normal pillows from Dunelm. Their duvets are about the same as Gina, 4. I think I'll just go for a normal single duvet and a normal pillow if other people have found them ok.

I'll try tucking it under the mattress like you do Zebra. The toddler bed takes a cot bed mattress so will be the same size and be awkward for finding bedding. I did find a couple of bedding sets on the internet but they were very expensive as Zebra said.

cot bed mattress topper dunelm Cot bed mattress topper dunelm

And as we'll be toilet training at some point I'm guessing I might need a few sets! And man did he love having his own pillow, I might as well have given him a pony, he was that chuffed, lol.

If you're using a cotbed and after cotbed sized sheets, have you thought of using single FLAT sheets and tucking them round the matteress? We had to do that when he was ill and we had leaky nappys and sick..

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  • He was almost 33 months and I'm glad I waited until he was a bit older as he understood more about moving into his big boys bed. I was lucky enough to get a fantastic junior bed off Freecycle and just bought a new mattress for it. I had a spare pillow so he uses that.

    As the duvet is lots bigger than his bed, I tuck quite a chunk of it under his mattress at one end, then tuck the sides in once he's in, as that helps to stop him falling out during the night. Oh, and I put a safety gate on his bedroom door, so that if he gets up before me he can't get out and cause havoc! Hope that helps, I'm sure he'll be fine.

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